About Us...

Fulfilling the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ in our country has been the heart beat of our ministry. With over three Bible Colleges and many different training centers in the different parts of India. We are constantly involved in training and sending out Pastors into the mission field. Many of our graduates join our fellowship and go out into the unreached and difficult places to plant and pioneer churches. By the grace of God we have been able to plant and pioneer over four hundred churches in the different parts of India.

We have also pioneered churches in the neighboring countries like Nepal. We are working with a vision to not only plant churches in India but also in the different neighboring countries like Bhutan, Pakistan, Burma and Sri Lanka. Many of our Pastor's step out in faith while building their church buildings. Many of the churches are in rural areas among poor people and yet the Pastors, encourage their members to invest into the kingdom of . God to see a great harvest in their communities.
You can partner with us to help plant and pioneer churches in the different rural and unreached parts of India. With your generous gifts the Pastors will be able to reach and make an impact in the different communities they live in.